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About Us

Our purpose is to help people making their grass greener.

"Dream it. Find it. Live it."


What do we do?

·        We feature house rankings to help people finding and comparing houses around the world based on people opinions beyond traditional criteria


Why house ranking is needed?

·        To satisfy people curiosity to learn more about houses around the world

·        To compare your house vs others in your city or around the world

·        To see what people have to say about houses which might interest you

·        To find the best houses or agencies based on other people comments

·        To help others to find the best house or agency by leaving comments on your agency experience or houses visited

·        To discover hidden jewels which common searches based on location, living space or price might not reveal

Why house ranking is important?

·        To stimulate and guide innovation in areas of constructions which matter the most to those who live in them

·        To stimulate and guide restructuring by offering best in class examples in areas of popular interest

·        To promote construction sustainability by helping to raise awareness of their benefits

For whom do we do it?

·        for house hunters who needs more than just price and location to narrow down their search

·        for house passionates who are seeking new ideas or wanting to compare their house with others

·        for professional agencies who needs more quality clients and more quality houses

What do we believe in?
·        In a fair evaluation of houses value around the world

·        In the importance to integrate our houses with the surrounding environment needing to be valued and often protected

·        In the people for their opinions expressed also thru votes who can add a critical dimension to the evaluation of houses made by professionists 

·        In the real estate agents for helping people to find the house of their dreams

·        In professionists like the architects for making projects always closer to people needs, helping to improve their quality of life across all socio-economic conditions

·        In professionists like the constructors and engineers for employing new methods and materials always more effective, safer and with reduced impact on the environment